Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Little More Info

My Action Research Project will occur on my campus, L. K. Hall Elementary. I will use Instructional Technology Lab 1 because it is my classroom and will be available for afterschool tutoring. I will be tutoring two times a week during school-wide tutoring.

My target population will be Tier 3 students. I would like to select two students from the high end and two students from the low end of Tier 3. I will be looking at Overall Reading, Comprehension, and Vocabulary scores.

After the first monthly assessment on Imagination Station, I will meet with the reading teachers in each grade to look at the data. Together we will choose four students from each homeroom. We will be looking for students with similar needs and decide who will be in each group by flipping a penny with each pair. Heads will be the student that gets classroom intervention only and Tails will be the student that gets classroom intervention, online practice, and interventions with me. I want four from each homeroom because I felt there should be two different groups, medium and low.

IStation gives a monthly assessment and specific interventions that will support that student’s learning. The reading teacher and I will be looking at the data each month on all students. This will give the reading teacher a guide for interventions of that teacher’s choosing in the classroom and will give me IStation interventions to use with study student. The reports that can be pulled on each student on IStation give a graph that includes all previous assessments.

I will study the effects of using Imagination Station on student achievement by watching for improvement on a monthly basis. I would like to determine if finding time for the use of IStation and its interventions will raise student achievement. This would be another tool for reading teachers, since our students are so technology focused.

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  1. I like what you are doing. I am going to be researching IStation as a reading intervention as well and the best way to utilize the program. I expect to really be focusing on how the General Education teacher uses the program.. specifically time spent with my Title 1 students and Resource students. Good Luck.