Sunday, June 9, 2013

Action research is a systematic investigation into a problem or idea that uses data analysis, readings, collaboration, and reflection to make necessary changes for improvement in myself or my campus. This type of research is not something that just starts and stops. You keep coming back to see if improvement has happened and how it can be extended or increased. We are having some difficulties at my campus, and I can see how action research might benefit us. There are several areas that could use improvement and, instead of trying to patch it with a quick fix, our school could make changes determined by action research and collaboration. Everyone would be invested instead of just doing, to the best of their ability, something that they do not understand and were not given time to internalize. I see teachers that just go through the motions because they were not included in making our vision, were not given the whys and wherefores of the changes, and were not given the facilitation needed to work through what they personally needed to do to make these changes work. Some may even be unwilling to put in the work that it takes to make the changes requested due to time restraints. An action research project would allow all teachers to have input on the changes to be made and how to make them. I believe that buy-in would be higher and improvement would be visible.

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  1. Your situation sounds so similar to mine and unfortunately many other schools. If we have a school vision I wouldn't even know what it is. It seems as though so many of our teachers are just going through the motions. This action research project has really gotten me excited about reaching out to those teachers who have stopped learning and are stuck. I think that we can make a big difference on our campuses and it is exciting!